The following is my reading list for 2023, during which I will be discussing one reading per week. The dates given are the dates on which I plan to have uploaded an episode of "Canonball" discussing the reading. Scheduling a podcast about books comes with a difficulty. Podcasts ought to be done at some regular interval, but the lengths of books and readings are not at all regular. I did not want to pick books based on what I thought I could read in a week. That cuts out not only longer books, but also shorter worthwhile texts. What I have done is order the readings roughly from shortest to longest as the year goes on. The first reading, Boule de Suif, is a single short story, while printings of the last one, Le Morte d'Arthur, regularly weigh in at around 1,000 pages. My plan is not to allocate the same amount of reading time to both of these, but to get ahead of schedule in the beginning of the year so I have more time to spend on the longer books like The Last Man, The Canterbury Tales, The Decameron, The Persian Wars, and Le Morte D'Arthur toward the end of the year. I hope you will join me in reading some of these great books this year.

January 6 - Boule de Suif by Guy de Maupassant

January 13 - Life of Alfred the Great by Asser

January 20 - Works and Days, Theogony by Hesiod

January 27 - Poetics by Aristotle

February 3 - Odes by Horace

February 10 - On Liberty by John Stuart Mill

February 17 - Rhetoric by Aristotle

February 24 - Rameau's Nephew by Denis Diderot

March 3 - On Crimes And Punishments by Cesare Beccaria

March 10 - A Sportsman's Notebook by Ivan Turgenev

March 17 - The Liberty Of Unlicensed Printing by John Milton

March 24 - Skepticism by Sextus Empiricus

March 31 - A Philosophical Enquiry Into The Sublime And Beautiful by Edmund Burke

April 7 - Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia by Samuel Johnson

April 14 - Discourse On The Method by Renee Descartes

April 21 - Song of Roland by Unknown.

April 28 - Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson

May 5 - The Consolation Of Philosophy By Boethius

May 12 - The Red and the Black by Stendhal

May 19 - The Robbers, William Tell, and Love and Intrigue by Friedrich Schiller

May 26 - Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe

June 2 - On The Nature Of Things by Lucretius

June 9 - Six Plays by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, better known as Moliere

June 16 - The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

June 23 - Faust  by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

June 30 - The Prince, The Art Of War by Niccolo Machiavelli

July 7 - The Origin And Deeds of the Goths by Jordanes

July 14 - Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford

July 21 - On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History by Thomas Carlyle

July 28 - Mabinogion by Unknown

August 4 - Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol

August 11 - Thoughts by Blaise Pascal

August 18 - Heptameron by Marguerite de Navarre

August 25 - The Ecclesiastical history of the English People by Bede

September 1 - Njal's Saga by Unknown

September 8 - House of Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne

September 15 - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne

September 22 - Tess Of The Dubervilles by Thomas Hardy

September 29 - Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes

October 6 - Metamorphoses by Ovid

October 13 - The Bostonians by Henry James

October 20 - Divine Comedy by Dante Alighierei

October 27 - An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation by Jeremy Bentham

November 3 - Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery

November 10 - Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach

November 17 - Original Folk And Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm

November 24 - Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott

December 1 - Last Man by Mary Wallstonecraft Shelley

December 8 - Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

December 15 - The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

December 22 - The Persian Wars by Herodotus

December 29 - Le Morte D'Arthur by Thomas Malory